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Window Film Canada 

Window film consulting, design, and installation from coast to coast

Do you have a project which involves multiple locations across Canada? We know that managing national projects can be challenging, so we've taken the guesswork out of supplier sourcing and multi-location project management and execution. 

Window Film Canada is a 3M Authorized National Dealer Network, which is comprised of over 60 dealers. Through this knowledgeable group, we are able to offer our services across the country from a trusted source with over 45 years’ experience. 

Window Film Canada’s services include:

  • Large-project consulting
  • Design guidance
  • Expert window film installation
  • Innovative solutions for sun control, security, privacy, and décor 
  • Experienced local sales
  • True multi-location coordination 

Visit the Window Film Canada website to find a dealer near you, or for more information please contact:

Colin Mac Leod . National Distribution Manager
Toll Free:
1-888-267-3206 Ext: 340
Cell: 416-521-5391

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Maritime Window Film Specialists

607 St George Blvd. Suite B01
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Toll Free: 800-667-8468

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Window Film Canada
(Head Office)

10 Butterick Road
Toronto, Ontario

Toll Free: 1-888-267-3206

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