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Ontario Building Code Compliance

Re: Regulations concerning Barrier-Free Strips or Vision Strips or Safety Strips, as they apply to interior tempered glass.

Under the Building Code Act, the local municipality is the authority having jurisdiction for enforcing the Act and its Regulations, and you should contact the appropriate building official with respect to any specific proposal.

For further reference please consult the Ontario Building Code located on the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Website.

Ontario Building Code

From Div. b,

(14) Where a vision panel is provided in a door in a barrier-free path of travel, such panel shall be at least 75 mm in width and be located so that,

(a) the bottom of the panel is not more than 900 mm above the finished floor, and

(b) the edge of the panel closest to the latch is not more than 250 mm from the latch side of the door.

(15) A door in a barrier-free path of travel consisting of a sheet of glass shall be marked with a continuous opaque strip that,

(a) shall be colour and brightness contrasted to the background of the door,

(b) shall be at least 50 mm wide,

(c) shall be located across the width of the door at a height of 1 350 mm to 1 500 mm above the finished floor, and

(d) may incorporate a logo or symbol provided such logo or symbol does not diminish,

(i) the opacity of the strip,

(ii) the width of the strip,

(iii) the colour and brightness contrast of the strip to the background of the door, and

(iv) the continuity of the strip across the width of the door

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